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When you have a residential or commercial solar system that you want designed professionally and installed promptly, look no further than V.H. Energy. Each system is crafted by a certified electrical engineer and installed by our crew of qualified and experienced electricians. If you want to learn about how we can custom-build a system for you, schedule a free consultation, and we will arrange a time to meet with you at your home or business.

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Each system is crafted by a certified electrical engineer and installed by our crew of qualified and experienced electricians.

What Our Clients Say

  • Fantastic service. Installation was prompt and professional. Attention to detail. Project was done on time, on budget and is working great! I would certainly recommend V.H. Energy to others.
    Mark S. Gilmanton, NH
  • After a chance meeting with Vlad, as he put out a company sign on the property of a completed project, we were provided with several choices of solar systems that we could consider for our project. Although our project was not straight forward, Vlad took care of all the details from beginning to end. The work was all professionally done and completed exactly as we had envisioned from the start without any setbacks. We would highly recommend Vlad and V.H. Energy to anyone interested!
    Ted & Donna K. Andover, NH
  • This was an easy decision for me. After seeing my business partner's solar project done by Vlad, I was impressed and excited to start my own solar project with him. Vlad is easy to communicate with and thorough when explaining the process. I would suggest anyone that is contemplating a solar project to talk with Vlad before making a decision. Thank you V.H. Energy!
    Chris B. Bow, NH
  • V.H. Energy built our system and they have been fantastic to work with. Incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone.
    Jon W. Chichester, NH
  • Very excited in going solar thanks to the efforts of Mary, Andy, Vlad and John! They are extremely dedicated, skilled, hard working and articulate folks. Theirs is beyond a "business"... it is a vocation. Thank you V.H. Energy!
    Mary Lou P.C. Loudon, NH
  • I chose V.H. Energy as I was most comfortable using Vlad as the contractor. V.H. Energy provided a detailed proposal and were supportive; including several revisions to the initial proposal. V.H. Energy delivered as promised; something not always to be counted on in the construction business. Vlad kept to a promised schedule and I really felt that he had my back. When there was difficulty getting an internet signal, V.H. Energy worked through a solution, even in bad weather.
    Mike W. Northfield, NH
  • I started looking into solar last summer, but was told by the first two solar companies that I did not use enough electricity to make it worth the investment. A friend told me about V.H. Energy, so I contacted Vlad who came to meet with me and gave me a rough estimate right at my kitchen table, which perked my interest. I got the same answers to my questions from him as I did from the previous two companies, so I know he was being honest. He followed up with a formal proposal, which was over $2,000.00 less than the previous quotes I received. Vlad knows his stuff! He is easy to work with and there is no BS about him! If you are considering solar, you will not be disappointed with Vlad and V.H. Energy. They are top notch; just what I look for when hiring out a project! Thank you, Vlad.
    Bob G. Barnstead, NH
  • I am pleased to give Vlad and V.H. Energy my highest recommendation. He did a great job from start to finish, with minimal  disruptions to my household. Everything was done professionally and looks very impressive. He even showed me where I had some soft spots on my roof that I didn't notice that could have become a problem in the future. Vlad and his crew took care of the problem for me immediately for a minimal cost, and without me having to seek out a roofing contractor to price and fix it; which could have held me up for a while during my solar install. Because he did this, I was generating solar power and dropping my electric bill that much sooner! He also took care of all the paperwork, advised what I needed to do to receive any rebates and put me in touch with the correct people for selling any energy credits. He set up my online dashboard so I can see how much power my system is generating at any given time, including the history since the time of install, and how much power each panel produces individually, as well as collectively. Vlad, unlike other contractors, didn't give me the taillight warranty. I have had questions since the install, and he has always been quick  to respond and give me the correct answers. I was so impressed with how he did business that I told my boss about him, and he had Vlad check a problem he was having with his solar system instead of using the company that originally installed the system take care if it. Vlad found the problem and fixed it at no charge, unlike what the original contractor was willing to do. When my boss decided he wanted to add more panels to his company's building, he knew Vlad was the right person for the job and has been his installer ever since. The bottom line is, if you are seriously considering installing a solar system, Vlad and V.H. Energy are the right people to do it!
    Brett P. Chichester, NH
  • I have been very pleased with my system from V.H. Energy and with the company itself. I have had my system at least 10 years. They answered my questions from the beginning. They were easily the best price. I have needed a couple service calls due to snow issues and they came out once it was safe for them to get onto my metal roof. Great company to do business with.

    Bob W. Barnstead, NH

  • Working with Vlad, Mary and the V.H. Energy team was an easy and enjoyable experience. They were patient, kind, and professional. The panels on our out building are exactly where we wanted them and power our entire home. We crush the grid every month. Choose V.H. Energy. You won't regret it.

    David and Amy H. Sanbornton, NH